Theological Education with Youth

Theological Education with Youth (TEY) is a creative initiative of two Lutheran seminaries, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettsyburg and The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. These seminaries are joining with congregations, youth ministries and synods located primarily in Regions 7 & 8 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to amplify the faith and witness of high school youth as gifted leaders and theologians. TEY is now in its twelth year of offering transforming events with youth in a variety of different meeting places.

Registration is now open for the 2014 Summer Leadership Academy (BRAND NEW!!) and 2014 Summer Theological Academy! Come join us in a journey of theological exploration and discovery!

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The Vision

TEY is called to cherish, respect, dwell with and learn with high school youth as practicing theologians and dynamic disciples of Christ. We seek to amplify in young people a passionate, reflective and constructive love of theology in service to the gospel, and to invite young people to express that love in leadership, including leadership in God’s church.