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What if Martin Luther came to your youth group?

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Martin Luther

Would you invite this guy to your youth group meeting?

Jeremy Zach writes over at his blog REyouthpastor about reflections on Luther and youth ministry. I’ve always thought of Luther as a cantankerous kinda guy (in a lovable sorta way), so two of Jeremy’s insights made me laugh because they actually had me visualizing Luther showing up at a youth group meeting and reacting:


God is not…

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

There’s a really great series of posts going on over at Tony Jones’ blog reflecting on apophatic statements about God…Jones writes…

I’ve been thinking about God lately, and I cannot help but be continually pulled toward an apophatic relationship with God.  That is, the more I’m drawn to thinking about God, the more I am convinced of the unknowability of God.  And so I wonder if I took on the challenge of Maimonides and spoke about God only in the negative, only stating what God is not.

From there Jones wrestles with statements like “God is not just” and “God is not static”. It’s tough stuff, because we are so used to talking about what we know about God, but it’s a really cool theological exploration. Check it out here.