Upstate NY Youth Convo!

June 9th, 2010 by Chelle

Teaching a game of Quick Draw Numbers @ the Fishbowl

Just got back from spending a day in Rochester, NY at the Upstate NY Synod’s Youth Convo @ the Upstate NY Synod Assembly. An incredible group of youthful disciples, a lot of whom I had met the summer before at Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Camp. For those throughout the ELCA looking for great examples of how to invite in and involve youth and young adults with your assemblies, you wouldn’t have to look any further than Upstate NY. From their Youth Convo to their Y’All group of young adults, this is a synod taking steps to create space for young leadership of the Church.  Below is a picture of this group addressing the entire assembly, sharing stories of their experiences over the past four days and a song written for the assembly. It was incredible gift just getting to spend a little bit of time with this awesome community.

The Youth Convo @ Upstate NY Synod Assembly

The picture above is the beginning of a tag “see the church” that share pictures of the Church in work in traditional and unexpected ways. If you see a moment that makes you think “Wow, this is the Church”, please feel free to email me that picture and I will share it here on the TEY blog.

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